What's Going On With So Called Humans?

1) Sex with Underage Girls: What is up with all these men out there thinking it's okay to have sex with underage girls? I have been reading in the newspaper almost daily one case after another about me having sex with underage girls. I understand there are girls out there who are more developed and because of this look older. SO WHAT!!! It only take a few seconds in conversation (no matter the type of communication) to realize the person you believe to be a woman is just a girl. Once you know this it's game over and you should be walking away from the situation or clicking off, or hanging up. STOP HAVING SEX WITH UNDERAGE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!! What's wrong with you??? 2) Mosque deaths: What happened in New Zealand is sad. It's sad because life has been lost. It's sad because we have individuals who believe killing someone they don't know or understand is okay. It's sad because there are people who hate people (human being) just because they have a diffefent religion. Why can't people just get to know each other and treat each other like they would like to be treated? Is it really that hard to open our hearts and minds to people different than us? #Undestanding #OpenHeartsAndMinds

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