The World We Live In

1) What happened to Jussie Smollett in Chicago, IL is so despicable and sad... It is a shame we live in a world where these kind of homophobic and racist acts still happen. Get well Jussie Smollett and continue to live your truth as loud and proud as you can. Best Revenge Ever.... #JusticeForJussieSmollett. 2) The word politics and it's use by politicians- why do we allow politicians to hide behind the phrase it's only politics every time they lie about facts, opponents, policies, or whatever...... Do you 'the voter's' really want change that effects the United States and the World?? I believe if you really want change in politics the media (first of all) has to hold the politicians to the fire about the facts and not allow anyone on their shows or programs who are unwilling to answer questions truthfully and voters (second of all) have to hold them accountable at the ballot box, and elect individuals willing to be truthful. Voter's have to stop just voting for the recognizable names or politician who's been there for years. Voter's need to vote for new blood, and especially diversity. Just my opinion...:-)


John L. Lotter

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