The First Of Many Ramblings

These things are subjects I always wanted to express my thoughts on but never had this platform to do it on before.

1) Jazz- This young beautiful woman's journey is an inspiration to everyone just wanting to live their true authentic self. I saw her story on (I believe) 20/20 a few years ago and I cried.. So moving... 2) Trump- How did this wonderful country elect someone so hateful, and incompetent? Really I want to know! I want to send my love to all those wonderful people being effected by the shutdown. Here's hoping this shutdown ends soon.. Everyone keep helping those in need.. 3) Gun violence- We need to take Assault weapons off of the streets and out of the hands of anyone, including police. These type of weapon are meant for war only. Those who care about people more over the dollars shouldn't have a problem about laws outlawing these type of weapons or making harder to get handguns. Life should be more important... 4) Violence against those of color by police- Police departments around the country should do a better job of weeding out those recruits who have racist beliefs by doing a more thorough background check of family, friend's, etc........ We should always demand more from those in charge of keeping us safe.. 6) Movies- 1) Infinity wars- Is the best Marvel movie to date. I can't wait to see End Game! 2) Blocker's- Had me laughing all the way through. 3) Night School- It was hilarious.. Kevin Hart is a genius!! 4) Flatliner- was alright.. I like the original more.. 5) Venom- Was a good start... I'm looking forward to the next one. 6) Wonder Woman- So f***ing good!! I was blown away.. I can't wait for then next one... 7) Solo- Sad! I couldn't believe they killed off Han Solo....:-( I loved the movie overall though. 8) Mission Impossible: Fallout- I think this is the best Mission Impossible movie to date. 9) Creed- I thought it was a good continuation of the Rocky movies. I looking forward to the next one.. and 10) The 15:17 To Paris- A movie that shows what every human-being should do in that situation. Help their fellow man and woman. Also, go see Captain Marvel in theaters on March 2019.. Criminal Justice- I like that some criminal justice reforms have come out of Washington. We need more of that on the State level however. There are still people like Chris Garza doing what amounts to a life sentence for a crime he committed as a 16 or 17 year old. This is after he was resentenced by a State Court a year or two ago. The United States Supreme Court I thought said this was wrong. He will be in his 60's when he gets out. How's he going to be able to have a life at 60 or older... He is just one of the cases out there in that situation. We need to end the Death Penalty as well... It is intellectually dishonest to say no one has ever been executed who was innocent. If one poor soul has lost his life to the DEATH CHAMBERS that is one to many. Kim Kardashion- She should be praised for everything she is doing. There needs to be more praise put on those who do this everyday like Jessica Sutton, Rebecca Woodman, Donna, Venable, and so many more. They are true hero's to a lot of people caught in the legal system... #endthedeathpenaltyforgood. Keep fighting and never give up until you get what you seek.. Help fund all the innocence projects out there making a difference... Thank you for taking Afew moments of your day go read my ramblings..:-) Sincerely, John L. Lotter

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