1) Set free: It is a wonderful day to read in the newspaper that another case of innocence has been uncovered and those who are innocence have been set free. It's sad however that it took 42 years for this to happen. I'm sure in those 42 years and numerous appeals Clifford Williams 76 and Hubert Myers 61 have expressed loudly their innocence and no Court or anyone else gave them a second glance. I'm happy that the State of Florida recently at least setup a avenue for those claiming innocence to have their case heard. WHEN is every State of the Union going to follow suit. If it's never right for someone to die who's innocence It should be a no brainer

for Republicans and Democrats in every State of the Union to pass laws with funding to make this a reality....... Let's not forget this is another case of FALSE TESTIMONY. HOW MANY MORE CASES OF FALSE TESTIMONY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO HEAR. I sit in this HELL HOLE because of false testimony.. I'm so sick right now.. 42 years lost due to FALSE TESTIMONY!!!!! 2) Religious representative or priest in death chamber: This should be a no brainer. If you are going kill someone for a crime in is only descent to allow them to have their spiritual adviser or priest in the chamber with them. When the State of Nebraska killed or murdered (however you want to say it) Carey Dean Moore they didn't allow his spiritual adviser/priest to walk with him and even made the spiritual adviser/priest go to the witness room with the family. When the family saw him they questioned why he wasn't with Carey Dean Moore in the death chamber. He had no answer for them. It was nice to read in the newspaper the U.S. Supreme Court gave a stay to a Texas condemned inmate Patrick Murphy due to Texas not allowing his Buddhist Priest in the death chamber with him. Carey Dean Moore or anyone who has religious beliefs should be allowed to have this at the end, especially when the State is trying to kill or murder them.

John L. Lotter

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