A Few Topics On My Mind

1) Vatican City-

It is refreshing to hear the Pope is taking the allegations of sex abuses and other misconduct by bad priest (child molester's) seriously. I was molested when I was a child all the way into my teens by a (so called) friend of my father. It took me until I was 35 (sitting on Death Row) to be able to tell my mother and my youngest sister about the sexual abuse against me. It took many more years to be able to talk about it as freely as I'm doing it now. I can tell you this molester with his acts against me made my life in so many ways different from what it would have been had he not molested me. I was so naive about what was happening to me and once I knew it, it rocked me to the core. My relationships and how I interacted with people all changed. I felt confused about my own sexuality, and my manhood. So it fills my heart with happiness to see the many victims of these bad priest (child molesters) are finally getting some acknowledgement and justice.

2) Gun control-

I was glad to hear Congress passed legislation aimed at gun control (Background checks for all gun sales and transfers and longer background checks (3 days to 10 days) is a start). However, what does background checks really do if the majority of those committing these mass shooting are law-bidding citizens at the time they purchase the weapons and commit these horrible acts? Can anyone tell me? Most of the mass shooting in the United States are committed by individuals who weren't criminals at the time, only after the act. So background checks only stop those who can't legally buy a gun in the first place. The only thing that will really stop mass gun violence in the United States is to restrict the type of weapons citizens (without criminal records) can have legally in their possession. As I have said in my past blog ' WE NEED TO TAKE ASSAULT WEAPONS OFF THE STREETS AND OUT OF THE HANDS OF ANYONE, INCLUDING POLICE.. I don't think that's asking to much of our elected officials. Do you? #keepassaultweaponsoutofcitizenshandsandthepolice


Truthfulness of Cohen-Cohen was a paid liar for Donald J. Trump... Cohen did his job very well... It doesn't mean Cohen is still a liar now. Should Cohen's statements and testimony to be taken with a grain of salt without some supporting documentation.. Yes... However, those who watched Cohen lie for Donald J. Trump and knew it , shouldn't be surprised now. 4) I find it sick how the Republican Congress continues to try and cover for this sad excuse for a President, Donald J. Trump. I can't believe these elected officials would be willing to let this country be ripped apart little by little just to get tax relief for the rich and the Supreme Court to ban abortions.... This country is so much more than these few issues. It's sad...

John L. Lotter

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