A Few More Rambles

1) U.S. Supreme Court-So cool the Court decided not to mess with the 28.1 million verdict against Gage County. Joseph White (may he rest in peace) and the rest of the wrongfully convicted individual's of the Beatrice Six case deserve every penny. 2) Voting Rights of Felons-It is good to see States like Florida giving Felons back there voting rights. I hope Nebraska has the courage to follow suit this year. 3) Manafort's Sentencing-It's a complete shame that he only got 47 months for everything he's been convicted of. Someone's notoriety or who they know, or how much money they have shouldn't matter when it comes to sentencing. I don't see the courts caring if someone is poor and just sales drugs or robs, or whatever to put food on their table when it comes to sentencing. 4) Pharmaceutical Drugs-The costs should be controlled. A persons life should never be in jeopardy of being lost just because the cost of the drug or drugs are over priced. This is outrageous!! 5) Climate Change- Climate change is REAL idiots. Wake the hell up!! People need to quit home schooling their children if this is what it produces. When did science become the devil? REALLY PEOPLE!!

John L. Lotter

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1) Vatican City- It is refreshing to hear the Pope is taking the allegations of sex abuses and other misconduct by bad priest (child molester's) seriously. I was molested when I was a child all the wa


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