If you would like for Jorge to do a drawing/painting, you can contact him through JPay #60009. You can also send your messages through the site email.

Thank You

My name is Jorge A. Galindo #60009. I'm 38 years old, I have been on Death Row for 15 years, I'm one of the guys from the bank in Norfork, NE, where 5 people were killed.
I have been working with pastel's for years and I got real good at it, I can draw landscapes, portraits, animals, or whatever. Here's some of my work I have done in the past in picture's for you to see and decide if you would like to have me do one for you. I'm asking for up to $75.00 to $100.00 for each pastel drawing I do. The cost is to the cover cost of supplies, shipping, and for the time I have invested in each pastel drawing.
I'm giving Michele German permission to show and sale my artwork John L. Lotter #47903 page.

I hope you like and want to buy my drawing, and if you want something special just let me know and I will draw it for you.
Jorge A. Galindo.


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