John hopes to find someone who can investigate his case. Time is starting to run out and things need to get moving before it's too late.

Unfortunately the Judge refused John's Federal Counsel from receiving any funding they need to do this important investigative work.

John now seeks the help from you, he hopes and prays that someone can help to raise the funds he needs to start up an investigation.

The Innocence Project in Missouri are looking at John's case, but as of right now we have no idea if they will take his case on or not.


                                               THANK YOU & GOD BLESS

My name is John L. Lotter, and I am a death sentenced inmate on Nebraska's Death Row, and have been for the last 25 years since February 21, 1996. Since my arrest I have been trying to prove my innocence. This has been difficult due to the quality of some of my court appointed counsel over the years and the failure to investigate and bring forward evidence that would of proved my innocence to the courts. However, even though I was convicted ( based on the false testimony of Marvin Thomas Nissen) and sentenced to death I have continued to try and get those with the ability to investigate to investigate. I now have amazing Federal Counsel who believe in me and my innocence and are willing to do the work of proving my innocence by getting out and investigating the multiple things that need investigated. However, unfortunately for me I have a Federal Judge (Judge Richard G. Kopf) who is unwilling to give my amazing Federal Counsel the funding they need to do this important investigative work. The funding they requested for the investigation I write about was denied. He (Judge Richard G. Kopf) has made it clear he has made up his mind about my case even with new evidence like Marvin Thomas Nissen's recantation in an affidavit in 2007 admitting he is the one who actually murdered Brandon Teena (Teena Brandon), Phillip Devine, and Lisa Lambert at the Humboldt, NE farm rented by Lisa Lambert in 1993. I am asking for your help to raise at least a sum close to $50,000.00 in funding to be used by my Federal Counsel or a combination of my Federal Counsel and a licensed criminal investigator or just a criminal investigator for all expenses associated with investigating my claims of innocence which may include but are not limited to: air travel to destinations where new witnesses are living and working, motel or hotel accommodations at destinations for over night stays, meals at destinations, rental cars at destinations to drive to the homes or places of employment of new witnesses, gas, legal phone calls to keep me informed, visits to keep me informed, postage for legal mail sent to me or court, help by other professionals to get or collect new evidence/or interview new witnesses, and any other legal obligations. If I get the money I am requesting that money would help bring forward more evidence of my innocence to the courts and with that and what I already have it should give the court what they need to finally overturn my conviction and sentence of death, and give me my life back. I do want to say that at this moment my case is being reviewed by the Midwest Innocence Project in Missouri and has been for two years now. The coronavirus has slowed the process drastically. If they take my case I want everyone to know that any money I receive except that which has already been spent on investigation will be given to the Midwest Innocence Project in Missouri to help with the expenses of my case and any other future cases they might work on. I do hope you decide to help. Thank you for taking the time you gave to read this and making a decision no matter if that decision means me not getting your help. I just appreciate you took the time to read this.. :-)
John L. Lotter....



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You can now write to John through JPay.com  online or on the app. You can also send John money through Jpay, which would help John to purchase such things like Books,Stamps,Paints,brushes etc for art, which is something John has taken a great interest in.
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Lincoln Office/State Capitol:

Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 94848
Lincoln, NE 68509-4848
Phone: 402-471-2244
Fax: 402-471-6031

E-mail: Gov. Ricketts at the State Capitol



There are are number of Innocence projects, that work so hard to help free innocent men and women like John who have been Wrongly Convicted. Any Donations to these Projects will help alot.


John Hopes That The Midwestern Innocence Project located in Kansas City, MO. will help and support an  investigation on his behalf. Twitter @The_MIP